Chatty’s Retail Emporium and Gallery of Curiosities

It all started because we met a man called Brian, who came up with a nifty idea for a Chatty Chimp Tee Shirt. We were quite flattered.

Then we thought, maybe some people may like to buy one. So Mrs Chatty kicked Chatty out of his hammock, told him to stop playing with his banana and build a shop. It was a bit of a shock for Chatty’s IT department, who were looking for the summer off.

In betwixt shop building and acting as Editor, we met some more Chimps. They had some interesting stuff to sell, so we added that on too.

Have a browse, maybe buy something or share these goodies with your friends, family and enemies.

If you have some creative inspiration and you think you can design something that our readers would like to buy, then contact

We do pay creators for each item of their’s that we sell.

Meanwhile, have a browse, maybe pick up a Banksy, a Chatty or some other little curio.