Watching a play

Reviews of Comedy, Theatre and Skeptics

This page is dedicated to reviews of comedy shows, theatre productions, skeptics events and other interesting things.

If you wish to submit a review, then send your article to

Review Rules

Your review must be for a performance that you have actually seen.

In line with our ethos, of encouraging new writers to ‘have a go’, you do not need to be an experienced writer or reviewer to submit a review.

You should not be connected to, or have a financial interest in the show you are reviewing.

Try to be constructive and positive. Remember you are not looking to show how clever you are but rather, how good the show is.

We will not publish reviews that are negative.

Your review should include the date, time and location of the performance. Don’t forget the title of the show and details of the performers.

You can include links to the venue or performers websites and details of upcoming performances.

A good review will end with you saying why someone should go and see this show.

Unlike other review sites we do not have a rating system. Just tell your reader what you thought of the show, they can make up their own mind.

If you have reviewed a show elsewhere, and have the permission of the publication to share your review, you may post your review on our site.

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