Why The Chatty Chimp exists

pexels-photo-745086The Chatty Chimp is here to reflect life on Monkey Island and in the world around us.

We take a wry, irreverent, sarcastic, scathing and occasionally whimsical look at the lives of earth’s primates.

Our own green and pleasant land is inhabited by a diverse and motley collection of primates. They are a confused bunch. Most of them have enough bananas to get by, some have more bananas than they need and some live on peanuts. Many of them have use of a tyre swing, at least on weekends.

Socially, they collect in small groups on regular occasions to enjoy a nice tea party, a bit of a natter and to fling poo at other monkey troops.

Surprisingly, in an almost infinite universe,  over billions of years and against incredible odds, our band of apes has evolved into the dominant intelligent life form in our Solar System.

However, many have forgotten that on the universal scale our lives are shorter than the blink of any eye and there is only one chance at life. So make the most of it.

Our island’s troop is about 63 million strong. It’s ape’s come in all shapes and sizes and with a wide variety of grooming habits. Our main advantage comes because of the way we all work together, The Chatty Chimp wants you to remember that, oh and have a banana.

Apes are capable of outstanding feats of twattery. We are here to point it out, and perhaps serve as a reminder not to do it again.

For the most part, if the troop are fed, watered and provided with fermented fruits, they got along just fine with other gangs. Sometimes, though, we can but gaze in wonder at our fellow apes and think ‘Evolution, why did you bother? Were the digital watches really worth it?’

Anyway, this is their story.