Here is everything you need to know about us

We are an online newspaper whose aim is to make other monkeys laugh by being satirical, silly, funny and occasionally angry. We are irreligious, irreverent piss takers who like sitting on our tyre swings and flinging poo.


Here at The Chatty Chimp everything is made up. We are not truth seekers, we don’t do in-depth expose, undercover reporting and our fact checking budget is less than one banana. If you want serious news you will have to find it elsewhere, good luck with that by the way.

Don’t believe anything you read on our site, our typewriter monkeys work on the ‘given enough monkeys and enough time, they will eventually come up with the script for Hamlet’ principle.

It is all a work of fiction.

Please bear in mind, our site will contain some offensive material and bad language. If it doesn’t we have probably done something wrong. Check your staff of righteousness in at the door. If you are easily offended, tough.

We acknowledge we have some responsibility to The Big Troop seriously, so if you are under 18 this is probably not the place for you.