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Help us raise money for this year’s Children in Tweed appeal

The Chatty Chimp is proud to help raise funds for this year’s Children-in Tweed appeal.

Every year thousands of middle and upper class children are missing out, as their parents are unable to avoid bespoke tailored tweed suits. This leaves the children at risk of bullying, exclusion and ridicule from their Peer group. 

The long financial crises has taken its toll amongst the more well to do, with the price of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Quinoa and Avocado causing real financial hardships.

Giles Giles said, “With the cost of luxury goods going up, rising school fees and higher prices for rugby, cricket and opera tickets, one’s bonus simply isn’t covering everything.”

The organisers of the event, The Knights Ordinary of The Battered Cantaloupe, said “It’s the children who suffer, unable to afford bespoke tailoring, families are reduced to shopping in Next and H&M. So this year, lets make a real difference to these children’s lives, by arranging bespoke tailoring, with real Harris Tweed. No child should have to go shooting in a jacket from Topshop.”

Giles Giles again, “It’s very important to get children used to the weight of Tweed, its’ itchiness and smell, from an early age. Then they can begin to understand how easy it is to clean off animal blood. It’s tremendously durable, one still has grandfather’s favourite hunting jacket, the hounds like to mount it.”

Please, please support this worthwhile cause and make sure that the children of the rich and the powerful get an even better start in life. Send your donations to Mummy’s Bank, together with the county you own so we can claim Git Aid on your donation.

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