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Millennials get upset hearing Granny’s pearls of wisdom and are turning to Social Media to boost their fragile ego’s

Millennials feelings have been hurt and they’ve have run crying to social media for support as gangs of marauding grand-parents upset them by telling them some painful truths.

With stress levels peaking, the younger generation, are no longer willing to accept the grey-brigade’s pernicious pearls of wisdom. Multiple violations of teen’s emotional ‘safe space’ have been reported.

Regretfully, prospective Media Studies Student, Olivia Napton had to take to her bed, after her Grandmother commented. ‘’Gap year. More like nap-year. When I was your age, I had nine kids, as well as running a factory and chairing the W.I’’

Equally, Oscar Newton suffered a similar fate, when his Grandfather ungraciously challenged his lifestyle choices. Brutally, he was told, ‘’Get out of bed you lazy arse and open the damn curtains. Smells like festering turds in here.’’

Olivia whined, “It’s so unfair, they don’t understand what its like nowadays. They had it so easy when everyone was old and ugly. What happened to the nice Granny, who used to give me sweets and wipe my face with her hankie?”

Determined to rise above the ridicule, many adolescents have rallied forces on social media, insightfully trending #hasbeens #banthegran #Grinchgrandparents

Undaunted by adversity, elderly relatives have formed a counter group called Glad to be Grey. Their spokesman Ian Napton passionately responded,’’Nothing that a bar of soap and conscription wouldn’t fix.’’

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