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Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fall, following TV documentary

Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Album sales fell sharply following a recently aired music documentary. Shown on the History Channel, over three days, it has led to a sharp decline in digital music sales. Outraged fans started a nationwide boycott of the World’s number one selling banjoist. An artist who performed to sell-out crowds and revolutionised Banjoism.

On Wednesday night, the History Channel aired the first part of their documentary ‘Inside the Third Reich’. Consequently, by Thursday morning music outlets were noticing a clear downward trend. 

Ian Napton, from HMV explained, “We were getting a lot of sales on; Eminem, Rita Ora, Michael Jackson, but we noticed a definite slump in the market for ‘Adolf Hitler’s Banjo Classics Vol.3’.”

Some fans saddled up their high horses and road them into the Twittersphere, with such messages as, “Never listening to ‘Banjo Boogie’ ever again” and “If I’d known what he was like then I’d never have downloaded ‘Banjo Bonanza’” and “Yes, he was a great artist, but I’m not sure that allows for the systematic evisceration of an entire people”.

Other fans, however, chose to discard the rumours and innuendo surrounding the film, “I didn’t see a shred of journalistic proof anywhere in it” said a furious Stockport resident. “Where are these so-called ‘death camps’? I’ve never seen one! What even is a Poland? Adolf Hitler certainly never slaughtered my entire family. It was the sort of crap you could find in any half-baked secondary school textbook.” said another.

It seems this is the end of Hitler’s Banjo Boogie, no more to grace the discos and dance floors of the nation.

Origins of the Hitler’s Banjo Boogie Story

This story was inspired by the recent Netflix Documentary about the sexual habits of Michael Jackson. Following it’s airing there was a significant backlash across popular culture. Although, it can hardly have been a surprise to anyone.


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