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North Korea elects only voter as Supreme Leader in democratic elections

North Korea went to the polls to elect a new leader. In a surprise result, the people elected the only candidate, Kim Jong-Un, as Supreme Leader.

His win was emphatic, with Kim receiving 200% of the popular vote, a new record. 

The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea is considered to be a shining example of democracy in action. International Observers watched to ensure voting procedures were strictly followed.

With a turnout of 100% of the eligible voter, as audited by external observer Ian Napton, the election was confirmed as fair and honest. In fact, the voter got there early, earning him praise for his efficiency. This promptness meant the poll closed early and that counting could commence.

Controversy arose when the Receiving Officer only counted one vote. However, he was taken out and shot. His replacement didn’t make the same mistake. Following a recount, Kim Jong-Un was declared the winner, with two votes.

The Supreme Leader of North Korea, will be sworn in, as soon as he can be bothered to turn up.

Other interested international observers included Donald Trump, who is considering bringing this democratic model to the United States. “I can see this working in the US where it would save me a fortune in pay offs.”

Meanwhile the people of North Korea have been told that they are ecstatic at the result, and they are blessed to live in the most democratic country in the world.

Credit to Sir Terry Pratchett, whose One Man One Vote gag, ‘The Patrician was the man and he had the vote’ was the inspiration for this story.

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