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RIP Gobby Robinson fearless champion of free speech and England’s saviour

Today all England grieves for the loss of this modern day St George, killed when his Bentley Continental hit a lorry load of gammon, on the M1.

Like many truth and justice campaigners he’d a chequered history prior to his revelation that there was money and power to be had from demonising minorities.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon experimented with many names before settling on a something that would resonate well with the those from a more urban background. He abandoned Andrew McMaster as it was too Scottish and Paul Harris because of its connotations with the other famous Harris, Rolf.  Gobby Robinson, it appears, was more in line with the names of those brave soldiers who died building the British Empire.Many social campaigners have had their run in with the law, Jeremy Corbyn being arrested at an anti-apartheid demo being a case in point, and Gobby Robinson was no exception.

As many truth and justice campaigners do, he liked nothing more than a bit of random football violence, receiving several sentences for assault and one for Class A drugs. He has been subject to football fan enforcement orders, compelling him to repeatedly watch Luton Town.

Often noted as a stranger to truth, he again fell foul of the law when the system ganged up to convict him of mortgage fraud. The law also unfairly victimised him when he travelled to and from America using false passports.

His battles with the law continued, when the courts found him in contempt when he tried to disrupt sexual abuse cases. He was convicted of this in 2017, where he had the impact on the victims clearly explained to him, undeterred he went and did it again. His second sentence was amended following a procedural irregularity, and he was awaiting his retrial when he was fatally smothered in gammon.

Fortunately for Gobby, his time in prison, and all of his convictions, didn’t seem to harm him financially, his friends at the Mail On Line report his estimated net worth as, over £1 million.

It’s in the field of race relations where he generated the most controversy. As the founder and leader of several ultra right wing groups he drew widespread condemnation for his actions, but he did not let this stop him. Finding common alliance with ultra right wing nut jobs in Europe and America he became the poster boy for hate. His efforts to build a world wide fascist network seemed to pay off.

He will be sadly missed by those for whom hatred and discrimination are a way of life.

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