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Makers of Giuliani’s hair dye deny any responsibility for streaking

The alleged makers of the possible hair dye used by President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, have distanced themselves from the claim.

Rudy Giuliani was seen with what appeared to be malfunctioning hair dye, running down the side of his face, He was holding a press conference to accuse President-Elect Joe Biden and the Democrats of voter fraud in the election. 

A spokesperson for the company (who didn’t wish to be named) issued the following statement.

Following the allegations that we were the supplier of hair dye to Rudy Giuliani, we totally refute this.

They continued…

Our men’s hair dye product is an extremely robust formula capable of retaining its integrity under extreme conditions. Furthermore, research by our sales team has found no trace of Mr Giuliani purchasing our product, nor any known association or a third party on his behalf.’ 

‘If somehow he has obtained our hair dye, he would know full well the information provided with it clearly states that it can only be used by men who do not lie beyond certain parameters.’ 

This is because the hair dye may react to chemicals produced by the person’s skin when they publicly express lies and accusations without the stabilising element of proof to back up what is being said. 

‘In addition, our customer base records indicate the percentage of men in the legal profession who use our products is the lowest of all.’

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