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Millennial expresses outrage on Instagram after being asked to take his bag off a seat on a busy train

Southern Rail commuters witnessed outrage this morning, when a millennial was asked to move their bag from the seat, on a packed train.

Although Joshua Woods was already sitting comfortably, Ian Napton inexcusably demanded that he ‘shifted’ the offending bag.

Stunned, Josh initially ignored the request, deploying the classic diversion tactics of not engaging with eye-contact and sipping his Costa. Upping the ante, Napton wielded his walking stick and began to talk about the war.

Left with no choice, a humiliated Woods was forced not only to move his bag but to speak as well, muttering ‘Ah, ok then.’

After having time to process his trauma, Joshua took to Instagram, seeking solace from other youths, who may have been subjected to similar distress. Earnestly he wrote, ‘Stressed commute.. #rudegrandad.’

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