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Australian wins the 2010 Hide and Seek World Championship

Finally a winner has been declared in the 2010 Hide and Seek, World Championships. The Gold Medal has been awarded to Julian from Australia.

Julian was philosophical about his win. “Obviously you train hard for this. There are long hours spent hiding under the bed or the living under the stairs. It’s serious practice and dedication to learn the art of creeping. I’ve lost track of how many nights I spent delivering boxes of Milk Tray to random women.

The win was down to the brilliant idea of hiding in an Embassy cupboard. No-one was going to look for me in a building that was so difficult to get into. I was worried at one point, when Sven nearly found me.”

A member of the Embassy staff eventually gave the game away. He told his American friend, Donald, about Julian’s hiding place. The game was up at that point.

There was an element of  controversy during the competition when Norman Wisdom and Tony Curtis were both disqualified for dying. The judges felt this strategy was not in keeping with the spirit of the game.

The 2019 championships will take place in America. TV Network involvement means that the traditional hide and seek format will be altered. In this new version, Julian will have to search for his testicles, which the American Secret Service have kindly removed and cunningly hidden.

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