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Delay to Brexit allow’s politicians to have their summer holiday in peace

The latest Brexit delay finally produces something our politicians can agree on, six weeks in Provence during the summer is eminently agreeable.
Members of the ERG, moderate Tories, Lib Dems, the Scottish lot and even The Speaker rushed online in the middle of the night to secure their preferred gite and ferry crossings as the Brexit deadline was extended to 31 October. Labour members booked their usual week in Scarborough.

Having suffered for three years, everyone is delighted to know that they can enjoy the summer for once and we can return to panic stations when Halloween is approaching.
Donald Tusk has warned Britain not to waste the time given by the extension. Everyone is agreed that several holidays will be far from a waste of time, and politicians rewarded themselves for all their hard work to date with an immediate break. They are not alone in their haste to rest. On the BBC news page, Laura Kuenssberg signed her last report off with the hashtag #atthebeach.
Leading bookmakers have opened markets on the location of the Prime Minister’s walking holiday and how many days between now and 31 October MPs will actively work on a Brexit solution.
A deadline in October. When three months off is just what you need.
Brexit continues.

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