Tue. Jan 25th, 2022
Nigel Frogage

As Nigel Farage sees his glittering career finally come to end with a Knighthood and his dearly beloved Brexit, he has decided to release his autobiography.

Entitled My Struggle, it recounts the challenges he has faced in coming to terms with a life of extraordinary wealth and privilege. There is a fascinating account of how, in his early days, Nanny helped treat his aversion to Caviare, Fois Gras and Bellini’s.

In this unflinching, no holds barred account he bravely relates how his political beliefs, forged in the emergent National Front movement, took hold and led to him becoming such a champion of race relations. His greatest fear was that the national stock would be diluted by the genes of those who were simply not British. It was this inspired his Brexit movement.

We learn how the privately educated, multi-millionaire, man of the people realised there was money, fame and power to be had by mixing with the working classes. The joy he found in hanging about in a Wetherspoons, sharing their simple pleasures; smoking, drinking and vilifying immigrants.

My Struggle also dishes the dirt on his fellow Little Englanders by unveiling their guilty little secrets. For instance, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s little known love of jellied eels, Michael Gove’s passion for chips and gravy and the revelation that Boris loves nothing better than to get stuck into a cream pie.

The book also tells us what life was like after separation from his German wife left him penniless and down to his last £9 Million. We come to understand the difficulties he has getting by on a yearly income of £400,000.

Ever a man of the people, their concerns are always the last thing on the mind of this true British hero.


By Sir Drinkalot

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