Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
DJ T Telling A Joke

Top American comedian, DJ T takes the World comedy scene by storm.

Jokemeister, Donald J. Trump, aka DJ T, recently opened a comedy show for NATO leaders in London, and boy ! was he on fire!

Emcee Trump had literally the most powerful people in the world yucking it up after his set on December 3. Racier topics from his monologue included the release of terrorists, people stiffing him on the check, and his incredible electoral ability to seize defeat from the jaws of victory.

Many wondered what the Jokester-in-Chief would talk about during his time in the spotlight. “I mostly stick with current events these days. I once made a joke about Frederick Douglass, but none of my fans got it. Now I just go with whatever they see on Fox News” Trump lamented.

When asked about the current state of world affairs, Trump smiled. “Listen, if Vlad had wanted things done right, he’d have put Hillary in charge. I’m guessing he thought a four-year, DJT comedy set would be more exciting. Was he ever right! Hillary could never have gotten the laughs I did the other night.” 

Always game for a laugh

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