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With a 2-1 defeat at Man Utd, Mourinho announces that ‘He’s Back!’

Many sports fans agree that since Mourinho’s sacking by Manchester United the Premier League has been a far duller place. Whilst his appointment as the Spurs manager took the football world by surprise, many fans greeted the announcement with a gentle chuckle.

Initially, the first couple of games didn’t go according to plan with the players being keen to impress their new boss. Spurs started his reign with a couple of impressive wins.

However, it was Mourinho’s return to Old Trafford that told the footballing world The Chosen One was back where he belonged, at the helm of a Premier League football team.

Even though Spurs equalised, they soon showed that they were getting to grips with Jose’s unique style of football by giving away a penalty and losing the game.

Forgetting that he was no longer manager at Man Utd, Mourinho was quick to praise his players “if you play with passion, intensity and in the right way you win games, simples. Rashford was superb”.

Why didn’t he play like that for me? cries Mourinho

After Jeff reminded him he was managing Spurs, Mourinho had this to say, “Oh! Spurs were poor, they went too much into the opponents half and scored a goal. This is something they are going to have to put right on the training field. ‘WE’, something ‘WE’ are going to have to put right on the training field.”

One pundit commented that Mourinho needs to stop his team from scoring otherwise, come May, he won’t be leaving White Hart Lane £15 Million in his pocket and a plane ticket to Bali.

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