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Union Jack painted upside-down on BJ’s new plane

The liberal elite took to social media, to ridicule the Prime Minister’s decision to spend £900,000 painting a flag on the tail fin of his aeroplane. Unfortunately for Mr Johnson, the Union Jack appears to have been painted upside down.

I know its something to do with a fat white line, says Gove.
What do you mean, it’s not the right way up?

Government supporters were quick to rebut allegations of more ministerial incompetence.

It’s painted like this, so that when Boris does a victory roll, the flag will be the right way up!

Mark Francois, elected idiot

The Right Chris Grayling said, “thank fu*k it was nothing to do with me!”

One senior Civil Servant told Chatty, “Of course it’s intentional. The Union Jack is only flown upside-down as a distress signal. There is no doubting that Britain is in a state of extreme distress. The Corona Virus, Brexit and the imminent collapse of society confirm this. Our current government’s lack of ability, intelligence and integrity don’t offer any way out. Things are so bad that Liverpool has just won the league!”

Before adding, “We know chances are slim, but there must be a saviour, who will come forward in Britain’s hour of need. This is a last-ditch appeal to anyone listening; Please, help us! We are dying here!”

“How do I know which way the flag’s supposed to go? I’m from Rochdale.”

A painter from Rochdale
What do I know I'm just a painter from Rochdale!
You tell me to paint something, I paint it!

Meanwhile, the government continues.

Part of our range of satirical clothing!

UK Civil Service Tweet "Can you imagine having to work with these truthtwisters?"
Can you imagine having to work with these truthtwisters?

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