Trump in temper tantrumMonkey News

Terrifying Trump trashes cot in temper tantrum

Reports are filtering through that President Donald Trump trashed his cot after returning to the White House from a hectic day of accusing Democrats of making sure that votes for their candidate Joe Biden were counted and not ignored in defiance of his Presidential decree.

It’s been claimed the President had to be manhandled by security personnel and the First Lady.

DONALD!! … go to bed! … you’re overtired!

Melania Trump, The next Ex Mrs Trump

Once placed in the Presidential Respite Induce Cot (PRIC) he was given Calpol medicine in a Tommee Tippee baby cup to calm him down but threw it against the wall going into a tantrum screaming, crying, jumping up and down, then violently shaking the cot causing severe damage to it.

Staff were finally able to settle him into a replacement PRIC, but he was observed for some time rocking his head side to side moaning

Biden, nasty oldie Biden …… pressi headache, stressy, stressy

Former President, Donald Trump, a national embarrassment

Meanwhile, some form of Government continues.

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