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The Golf Game of the Century – What really happened when Kim Jong Un took on Donald Trump

At their recent summit Kim Jong Un took on Donald Trump in the century’s greatest ever golf match. In this battle, between two egotistical tyrants, one fluffed drive could result in a nuclear strike. World peace was at stake, and death stalked the practice ground.

Each player, in their own way, has an outstanding golfing history.

Kim is the son of Kim Sr, who only ever played one game of golf, scoring 38 under par, including 11  hole in one’s. He subsequently gave up golf as it was too easy. No doubt he passed his golfing legacy to his son.

Trump is rarely off the course and, together with his caddie Odd Job, has been club champion at all of his American golf courses for 7 successive years.

The battle royale, to determine the World’s best golfer, took place at the Marina Bay Golf Club in Singapore. Each player was allowed as many ‘do overs’ as they needed and the winner would be the player with the lowest score after 18 holes. The match wasn’t open to the public, but was keenly watched by both Emperors security details, who lined every fairway and green.

Trump was at a significant disadvantage, he didn’t own the course and his opponent had his father’s knack for the hole in one. Trump had to be on his best form.

On the first Trump drove the ball, over the hill where he had the most amazing luck. His ball hit a tree and ricocheted 250 yards up the fairway, landing in the hole ……next to Kim’s. It was clear this multiple club champion wasn’t going to roll over for a man who rarely golfed.

The game continued in a similar vein, with many hole in one’s and the pair couldn’t be separated. Fortunately, for world peace, the match ended in a draw, much to the relief of everyone watching.

As a salute to the epic match, the players received the customary three hour ovation, although Donald was in McDonalds whilst it went on.

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