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Trendsetters latest must have accessory is a ginger baby

Following the announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting a baby next year the  newest, trendiest must have accessory is expected to be a ginger baby.

Trendsetters and influencers are predicting a marked increase in the desirability of gingers. Social media expects the new Royal Baby to be ginger, with those who have no understanding of biology claiming ‘if you have a red-haired father, you have red-haired children’.

Fashion chains have begun stockpiling clothes, accessories and baby grows designed to show off ginger children. Green is expected to be the new black. 

Chardonnay De Vere (20), social media icon, Instagram Queen and recently converted royalist wannabe, said, “I’ve never thought of having a ginger baby but if Vivienne Westwood can come up with a range of designer Union Jack’s that show off the red hair, I’m in. Do you know if there are any more Royals with Red Hair?”

With gingers making up a smaller number of the UK population the likes of Josh Widdicombe, Rupert Grint and James Acaster, can expect their sexual desirability to increase. All of a sudden, pasty skin, freckles, red hair and a fiery temper will be all the rage. Even Ed Sheeran may be in with a chance of getting laid, although Chris Evans will still remain off limits.

Easy Jet have planned increased flights to Ireland and Scotland to cope with the expected upsurge in demand for red-haired lovers.

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