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Saudi Arabia has been very naughty resulting in some harsh tutting from the British Government

Those naughty scamps in Saudi Arabi have been very naughty boys. This time the charming little fellows have been caught out in a game of hide and seek. A reporter, Jamal Kashoggi, who has been very critical of the Saudi’s is still missing.

He was playing hide and seek at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul on 2nd October. It was only supposed to be  a quick game, as his fiancée was waiting outside. However, the little tyke still hasn’t been found. He must have found a good hiding place as cctv doesn’t show him leaving the building.

Some think he was chopped into pieces and driven off in a van, but that isn’t in the spirit of the game. Traditionally the hider has to stay within the property boundary or they risk forfeiting the game, then they’d be in real trouble.

The Saudis are puzzled, they say they have looked everywhere for him. They have promised to have a full enquiry in order to confirm they’ve not done anything wrong.

Theresa and her government have tutted loudly and Dr Flying Fox has threatened to cancel next month’s holiday to Riyadh. Donald Trump has said he’s very cross about it, but as the reporter isn’t an American Citizen there are no votes in helping him.

Both governments have made it very clear that the Saudi’s have been very naughty but  both expressed surprised that a society that beheads people in the street, publicly canes and mutilates, practises crucifixion, undertakes genocide and still permitted slavery was ‘not very nice’.

Neither government wanted to jeopardise the enormous arms sales to the little scamps, so nothing more than a polite tutting is on the agenda.

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