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The toughest sporting rivalry is the local derby between Alfreton Town v Farsley Celtic

They say it’s the toughest rivalry in world sport. Whenever they meet, trouble always follows. This week was no different after the two sides were drawn together in the biggest cup match of their respective histories. The game will be remembered for the off-pitch drama rather than the on-pitch spectacle.

One supporter told us what it was like, “Whenever you visit Alfreton Town you know what you’re going to get a hostile reception. When the Farsley Celtic lads were coming off the bus some bloke in a trackie told them to ‘f*ck off’. We were pretty shocked at the kind of language used  I can tell you.

The hostility continued beyond the kick off, “The noise was deafening, the PA announcer put the music on too loud and then forgot to turn it off. We played the first ten minutes to Queen’s Greatest Hits.”

Leader of the Alfreton Ultras, Big Nige, gave his own take on events, “Obviously we wanted to unsettle them, intimidate them. We’ve done all sorts of things in the past – yelling things through the dressing room window, throwing Jelly Babies at them during the warm up – but when it’s the FA Cup Third Qualifying Round you want to go even further. Me and Terry spent the whole first half telling their full-back he was a fat, at least until the linesman turned around and told us to p*ss off.”

Though Farsley ran out winners in the end, the Alfreton boys still feel like they had the last laugh, “As the teams were coming off I held out my hand to shake one of the Farsley players, then at the last second I pulled my hand away and ran it through my hair. He’s gonna be having nightmares about that one.”

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