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Satire under attack as Wetherspoons proves it can’t take a joke

The delightful pub chain JD Wetherspoons has started legal action against a Twitter parody account. It wants Twitter to reveal who is behind the very funny account. 

Here is a link to The Independent’s report

At The Chatty Chimp we believe in the right to take the mickey out of the great and the good. It is why we exist. Taking the piss is a very British trait, our culture is littered with irreverent, profane and satirical swipes at the establishment. 

Using the law, because you’re rich, to shut up dissenting voices, maybe legal but does not strike us as being very moral. 

We are asking all of our readers to follow @Wetherspoon__UK on Twitter and if possible, offer them your support. 

Wetherspoons removed their twitter account some time ago, which is a bit of a shame. 

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