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Britain’s Black Economy ruined as the UK moves to a cashless economy

Britain’s Black Economy lies in ruins as the UK moves to a cashless economy. With banks shutting branches and closing ATM’s, the cash supply is drying up.

It is the most vulnerable in society who feel the effect most, the;  drug dealers, strippers, thieves, forgers, Del Boys, window cleaners, local councillors, MP’s, football managers, taxi-drivers and builders. 

Newly qualified plumber, Ian Napton, planned to earn a nice bit of bunce by installing a new bathroom and central heating system in his Auntie’s home, “It was all cushtie. I’d borrowed all the pipework and fittings from work. We’d agreed a cash price because you can’t charge family the full whack. I was going to use the money for two weeks summer holiday in Ibiza. There’d be drinking, dancing, drugs and a bit of how’s your father with a willing lass from Newcastle but not now.”

An anonymous drug dealer, affected by the change, explained, “Look, it’s a cash only business, its fifty quid if you want it; yes or no?” and his customer added, “Try snorting that with an app, I don’t think so.”

An old fashioned football manager opined, “This is disastrous, imagine buying players on ability, rather than because their agent pay me. I haven’t told the wife yet, but that place in Portugal is going to have to go.”

One senior Tory MP, explained, “Now everyone is getting taxed on everything, people don’t like it. This is why our tax havens are so important.”

In short, technology has done what the Inland Revue couldn’t and closed down Britain’s Black Economy.

The Origins of the rise of the cashless society and the ruination of the Black Economy

As Banks and Building Society have closed branches and removed ATM’s and more use contactless for everything, there have been many stories about the impact on the most vulnerable. The poor, the elderly, those living in rural areas, people who can’t get bank accounts or use technology. But little thought is given to those who really rely on ‘cash’. Hence the story.

The Black Economy is usually used to describe those who work in cash. Manipulating the system for financial advantage is not limited to cash, sometimes tax can also be underpaid. Something we commented on here;

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