Sun. May 22nd, 2022
facial recognition software

Following installation at major airports, train stations and ports, concerns have been raised at the higher than expected rate of recognition failure in automated face-reader security systems.

The system has a 99.9% success rate when analysing faces from any cultural or racial background and in various light settings. Initially the operators of the system were puzzled as to why a distinct group of people were being rejected by the scanners.

Further investigation revealed that the rejectees were either MPs, Lawyers or Estate Agents. The analysts concluded that the system was confused by their second face.

Obviously, when we designed the system it was with the intention that everyone passing by a camera would only have one face. For the majority of the population this works perfectly. However, MPs, Lawyers and Estate Agents have two faces blurring the image. The system can’t lock on one set of features.”

“This was considered a bit of a problem, however it has turned out to be a benefit to the other passengers. When they see these people being led off to a side room, they instinctively know to steer clear of them. Travellers report much high customer satisfaction scores when MPs, Lawyers and Estate Agents are clearly labelled.” explained Ian Napton.

Following publicity about the system’s failings, operators of other public spaces, e.g. Pubs, restaurants, shopping centres, sports stadiums and golf clubs have asked about having the system installed.


By Sir Drinkalot

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