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UKIP cry “It isn’t fair when you make fun of us by quoting exactly what we said”

UKIP have complained about their treatment by social, and mainstream media. They claim they’re being bullied, intimidated and made to look foolish by people quoting exactly what they said.

It’s not fair, people are being really mean to us. All we do is tell everyone exactly why we hate anyone who is a little bit different and before you know it, its all over social media and everyone is laughing at us. It’s very mean and hurtful.” said one kipper.

The party claim this is an infringement of their human rights, as lesser people aren’t respecting their freedom of speech. Moreover, even their grandchildren are catching on and starting to have a pop.

Activist, campaigner, all round lefty and social warrior, Jaquinta Okabe countered “We are respecting their freedom of speech. We’ve given their statements the respect they deserve, that’s why everyone’s laughing at them. If they don’t want people taking the piss they shouldn’t come out with such rubbish.”

Over the years, UKIP have faced public ridicule for saying things no-one else is thinking “A woman’s place is in the kitchen”, “Gay Marriage causes flooding”, “I could throttle a badger”,  “All women are sluts” and “I wish Boris was here”.

Kippers are asking for the mickey taking to stop. They claim that they just wanted things to go back to how they were, but it all got ‘a bit out of hand’. “Where’s political correctness when you need it?” said one supporter.