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Fancy writing for Chatty? Got something funny to say ?

The Chatty Chimp is an online, topical, poo flinging satirical news site, looking to carve out our little niche on the internet.

We love to welcome new chimps to the zoo. Our aim is to give new writers a platform to see their work published.

If you fancy giving it a go, we will be kind and encouraging.

Send us up to 250 words, in some form of meaningful order.

As for fame, fortune and what not. There really isn’t any. We’ve no income, we’re not operating on a commercial basis so paying anyone isn’t currently an option. You will get our endless thanks.

In a silly world like ours sometimes the only weapon we have is laughter.

Email your story to : submissions@chattychimp.co

You can find helpful hints on sending your story to The Chatty Chimp, here; Writing for The Chatty Chimp.


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