Sun. Jul 25th, 2021
Driving Test

Following the revelation that a learner driver passed their test in 2016 at the 21st attempt, and that this is not particularly unusual, a spokesman for the RAC has told us about a new initiative to warn motorists when they are too close to an incompetent driver.

Ian Napton told us, “We’ve proposed to the Department for Transport that newly qualified drivers should be required to carry a sign on both the front and rear of their vehicle, a bit like an L plate, which displays the number of tests they took before passing. For instance, I passed first time, so I would have displayed a number 1. My wife, Gillian, passed second time, so she would have displayed a number 2. And the dozy fool who needed 21 tests would have 21 on the front and back of his car.”

Do-gooders have claimed that such an initiative would cause embarrassment to the individuals concerned, but others have cottoned on to the idea and suggested other statements, to be displayed prominently by individuals, which would enable passers-by to keep clear.

Couldn’t pass 11 plus” gained immediate traction.

“Voted Leave but can’t explain why” was another popular contender.

Although the idea has been well received in Government circles, there are concerns that some people may not have enough space on their clothing for the number of warning statements they may be required to display, and that an upper limit on the number of statements should be allowed.

Shares in the motoring accessories firm, Halfords, rose this morning in anticipation of new sales of signs with numbers on.


By Colin

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