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Bozo Johnson gets One-Star review from The Scotsmen at Fringe Festival

In Edinburgh, at the World’s largest comedy festival, ‘Bozo’ Johnson gets a one star review from The Scotsmen.

His agent said, “Obviously we’re disappointed that Bozo’s clown show wasn’t better recieved. We put almost no work into preparing for the festival and we’re gutted that the reviewers didn’t acknowledge the complete lack of effort.”

Having looked at the comments it seems that the 750 reviewers from The Scotsmen didn’t understand that Bozo was presenting a surreal, nihilist, excursion into the oblivion, entropy and decay that shortly waits for us all.”

Maybe such ground-breaking work, where we marry existential dystopia with humour, puns, a little clowning around and well-choreographed slapstick routine is too sophisticated for the hinterlands.”

The show did go down very well in London and the Shires but doesn’t appear to have travelled well.”

The Scotsmen claim the show lacked any depth, merely consisting of vacuous platitudes and promises delivered in a posh voice. They felt the script was completely unbelievable and thought that Bozo neither understood nor cared about his audience.

Punters, meanwhile, dismissed the show as another example of the patronising London Elite treating them like uneducated children. Ian McNapton “We nay find him funny, a clown is supposed to make you laugh but after watching the show, there was nary a titter. I cannae see him lasting the run, audiences will soon get tired of this pish!”

It appears that Bozo Johnson won’t be the last London comedian sent home from Edinburgh with his tail between someon else’s legs.

Meanwhile Brexit continues.