Wednesday’s Bavard Bar Caption Competition

The Bavard Bar described as Ted Talks for ordinary people. A chance for humans to share their passions and it’s brilliantly hosted by the irrepressibly cheerful Tim Crook.

The show is broadcast live via Isolation Station Hastings at 7 pm, every other Wednesday.

Old Golfers

The Chatty Chimp provides the silly photo for the Bavard Bar Caption Competition. We originally used this picture for a story about discovering that your golf club friend was a Facebook racist.

This week we’re giving you an extra day to come up with some clever quips. So, get that grey matter moving and pen a witty caption in readiness!

You can post it in the comments box below, on @bavardbar or on Facebook at The Bavard Bar or in the chat window as you watch the show!

Who knows?… there may even be a prize for this week?

Tune into The Bavard Bar, tomorrow night and every other Wednesday at 7pm on Isolation Station Hastings

Why not pop over to chattychimp.com for some satirically themed goodies?

Brilliant Bavard
Here’s our Brilliant Bavard host in one of Chatty’s T-shirts

The Chatty Chimp – Rated the 83rd Best Satire Site on the web!

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