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New Book reveals the ‘Secrets of The Transfer Market’

A new book, set to be published this week, entitled ‘Secrets of the Transfer Market’ is set to blow the lid open on what have previously been closely guarded secrets within the football world.

The book’s author, Dennis Thummanis, was able to give us an exclusive look at just a few of the startling revelations made in the extraordinary volume.

Dennis told us, “Let’s say Club X wants to purchase Player Y, they will naturally begin by contacting Player Y’s club. The first thing Player Y’s club has to do is ask who is calling. If they are then told it is Manchester City, for example, they immediately begin adding zeroes. They will also take a careful look at Player Y’s passport. If Player Y was born somewhere in England then, once again, a fifteen percent tax is added. The next thing Player Y’s club do is put the phone back down and ring Manchester United, which will again add another ten million to the eventual price tag. Finally, the player’s agent gets involved, he will typically spend 5-6 hours emailing AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, which allows him to report confidently to the press that he has been in touch with all of these clubs. And that, roughly, is how you end up with £90 million for Harry Maguire.”

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