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Here is another review of the excellent Bavard Bar

We recently published a review of the Bavard Bar in Eastbourne, concluding that it was rather good. It transpires that Hastings Independent Press has also reviewed the St Leonard’s version. We thought it would be good to share their opinion with you.

If you follow the links, in the extract below, they will take you to the Bavard Bar website and the Hastings Independent Press full review.

It’s Not Hard To Love The Bavard

A review by Andrew Myers

Full disclosure – I am a Bavard addict. The third Wednesday of the month has been a highlight of my (admittedly rather threadbare) social calendar for the last two years. I may even have given a couple of talks there myself. So reader be warned, this review makes no claim to impartiality. With that disclaimer, let it be known that Wednesday’s edition of the Bavard bar was an absolute corker!

It was a joy to see a packed house for Wednesday’s show. The Bavard Bar has built up a crowd of devoted regulars, but judging from the number of first timers, the Bavard is in no danger of becoming cliquey or a little too cosy. (continue to the Full Review at Hastings Independent Press)

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