Sun. May 22nd, 2022
The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk visited Luxembourg for a very important meeting with his good friend, Xavier. In order to make The Hulk feel welcome, Xav had arranged for a crowd to gather outside to chant The Hulk’s name, this was the sort of thing he liked. Unfortunately, the mob had received the wrong memo and they were most uncomplimentary.

Faced with a rowdy mob to deal with, the Incredible Hulk went off to the Little Boy’s Chambre to compose himself. It was then that he discovered his big green balls were missing.

Apparently, when The Hulk got up this morning his testicles were in place, centrally located either side of his sausage and hanging sweetly. There was a gentle sway in the full sacks. The Hulk felt good, slightly mad but strong and ready to take on all comers.

By lunchtime, his giant testicles had completely disappeared. After an intense period of searching and rummaging, it was clear there was nothing. He invited one of his staff to come in and double-check, but she couldn’t see anything either.

His European pen pal, Xavier, tried to calm the big feller down, “Look it happens to everyone sooner or later, its nothing to be ashamed of. You should go and see the Doctor, they have some magical little blue pills, pep you up in no time.”

It did no good, The Hulk has refused to come out of his room.

Meanwhile Brexit continues.

None of The Above

Having just watched our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, publicly humiliate the Prime Minister of Luxembourg by throwing a great big sulk you are left wondering just how bad things are. To make it worse, this clustef*ck is entirely of our own devising.

With that in mind, here is our #None of The Above Tee Shirts. They come in a wide range of colours and postage is included. Just click on the image to visit the shop. If you don’t want the tee shirt, please use the #NoTA on social media. Thanks.

None of The Above

By Sir Drinkalot

Once upon a time there was a very naughty little monkey. This little monkey was always to be found in the pub, when he should have been writing stories. Brains often had to go looking for Sir Drinkalot but Brains usually ended up stuck in the pub too.

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