Police hunt for the last Australian yet to appear in Neighbours

Australian police have begun a nationwide search for Bruce ‘Cobber’ McNapton, the last remaining Australian not to have appeared in Neighbours.

Following its launch in 1985, Neighbours has become Australia’s most successful media export, exceeding the international sales of noted film heart-throb and racist, Mel Gibson.

In 2000 the Australian Government decreed that it was the patriotic duty of every Aussie to appear in one episode of Neighbours. Since then, the nation has fulfilled its responsibility, and almost everyone has taken part. Now the hunt is on to track down the last remaining Aussie to appear in the series, Cobber McNapton.

Surprisingly the introduction of complete amateurs has not harmed the quality of the shows acting.

Shane, who played Shane Ramsay in seven episodes, explained “It was a ripper, great fun, and as a proud Aussie I was honoured to do it! The fact that I can’t act, that I am more wooden than Pinocchio and can’t remember my lines has made no difference what so ever. In fact, my performance got an acting award nomination.”

What a ripper!

The Australian Media have put out a nationwide appeal for Cobber to come forward, but as yet he has remained elusive. Speculation as to his whereabouts are widespread. One theory is that he is hiding out on the Channel 7’s late night arts programme, Can You Tell What It Is Yet? Another speculates that he has been appearing in Home and Away for the last four years.

If you see or hear anything of Cobber McNapton, please contact Channel 7.

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