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Cookery expert’s croissant bakes off TV Film crew

A TV production company is facing a lawsuit from a film crew after their soon-to-be celebrity chef, Pru Dish, became obsessive about perfecting her croissant recipe.

A series of episodes were filmed in an isolation ‘bubble’ to protect the crew from COVID; To cut costs, it was agreed that Pru would do all the catering.

It was a bloody nightmare, she became obsessive about the ‘flake’ of her bloody croissants. It was all she would cook; breakfast, dinner and tea. All told, she baked over four thousand of the bloody things. We are all spotty, morbidly obese, and Keith the cameraman has scurvy. In the end, we had to break-out and make a run for it.

Paul, prone to weight gain

The crew, who are all receiving medical treatment, and are on a calorie-controlled diet, are recovering from the ordeal at a health spa. Pru has apologised.

I feel absolutely dreadful about it. They were all so understanding under the circumstances. I just couldn’t get the croissants right and I can be quite ‘intense’ when I’m stressed. I’ve organised a surprise party for them when they are out of rehab and perfected a beautiful pain chocolat recipe for them to try.

Pru Dish, TV Cookery Show host

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