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Meet Jonah Napton, Britain’s most redundant man. He’s been let go seven times

Jonah Napton has the unenviable record of being Britain’s most redundant man.  In what some are calling “an unbelievable run of bad luck”, Jonah has been let go 7 times. The latest on the last in first out principal.

The first time it happens, you kind of accept it as ‘just one of those things’, the second time feels a bit unfair but when it keeps on happening you start to think, ‘Is it me?” said Jonah.

It seems employers think so, as Jonah is now finding it next to impossible to get a job. One employer said, “We saw his CV and he is over qualified for what we need, and at interview he was a pleasure to meet, we really liked him, but I’ve the rest of he work force to think about. What happens of we go out of business? I can’t take the chance.”

Perhaps the worst disaster was when, after starting his own company, he had to make himself redundant, “Yes, that was particularly difficult, unfortunately orders dried up at the worst time, on the plus side, I’d been through the process so many times I was able offer myself the support I needed.”

Jonah is determined not to give up, he is determined to find gainful employment and to that end he is re-training as a Teacher, “No chance of getting made redundant there!”

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