University to offer Degree in GoTMonkey Business

St Credulous College is to offer a degree in Game of Thrones

St Credulous College are offering a 3 year degree course in Game of Thrones. The prestigious university has taken this unusual step in order to address criticism that it wasn’t admitting less able students, from poorer backgrounds.

Dean of St Credulous, Professor Ian Napton said “You can’t do anything right can you? Yes, the course is aimed at the less academically able and yes, we do get extra funding for it but I don’t accept that this isn’t a serious subject. I’ve watched it and trying to keep up with who killed who, or who slept with their sister confused the bejesus out of me. Students study Shakespeare, is this so different?”

One Credulous student was delighted to sign up for the course as he wasn’t good at “all that reading and shit”, before adding, “Of course this is the easy option. I’m only doing this to put off working in ‘spoons for  another three years.”

The Education Minister was all in favour saying “This is the kind of innovative thinking that will make Britain Great again. Students will come from all over the world to try to understand the deeper meaning of Game of Thrones. It’s not all tits and dragons.”  

Following St Credulous’s success other universities are expected to follow suit. Courses in Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO are all in production, although no one has bothered with Channel 5.