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Weekend ruined after two mates meet up for ‘a quick one’

two men in a pub

Family weekend ruined after two mates meet up for ‘a quick one’.
Ian Napton hadn’t seen Andy for some time, so they agreed to meet for a ‘quick one’ after work. Both assured family, friends and work colleagues that they’d just meet up for an hour, have a couple of pints then head home for dinner to enjoy a busy weekend with their families.
Gillian Napton takes up the story “They turned up at 4 in the morning, completely legless. Ian was hungry so he tried to make cheese on toast, he ruined the grill and set off the fire alarm. The prats then fell asleep watching Bullseye re-runs. If he says, ‘Here’s what you would have won!’ one more time I’ll swing for him. A quick one my arse! they’ve spoiled the whole family’s weekend.”
The two idiots got back to Ian’s in the early hours of the morning, after he had assured Andy that “Gillian won’t mind! She’d love to see you again!” and “Yes, she’s always wanted a cat, it’ll make a lovely gift!”.
Gillian made a very hungover Ian clean up the kitchen, take the children to swimming club and book a spa break for her and her bestie by way of apology. Andy is enjoying a long period of silence, whilst he waits for his wife to calm down.
Both the boys vowed never to go for ‘a quick one’ again.