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Pro Brexit ‘Go Slow’ protest on the M62 backfires as journey times speed up

A Pro Brexit public protest has received massive, and unexpected support, from millions of people in the North West. 

Brexiteers arranged a ‘Go Slow’ on the M62. The idea is that they would form up into lines, across the carriage way and drive along at a steady forty miles an hour, thereby holding up all the traffic. This was supposed to send a signal to Parliament that ‘The People’ would not tolerate a delay to Brexit. 

However things went wrong in two different ways. 

One Tory MP said, “They really got this wrong. Firstly, they’ve slowed up a motorway in the North, we don’t have any voters up there so we just don’t care. Secondly, have you tried driving round the; M25, M3,M4,M2 or M20? If you want to know about inconvenience, give that a go.”

The Pro Brexit protest really  backfired when the ‘Go Slow’ had the opposite effect, resulting in speeding up journey times. Because everyone was driving at the same steady speed, instead of constantly accelerating, slowing down and lane jumping everyone got where they were going far more quickly. 

Ian Napton explained, “I thought it was going to be a disaster, and it was going to take me twice as long to get home but just the opposite, I got home early. Gave Gillian a bit of a shock, I can tell you.”

He went on to add, “Look, if they could do it every day that would be great. Do you think we could get them to do it in the morning?

Meanwhile, the protestors have gone away to have a bit of a rethink. 


The Origins of the Pro Brexit Protest Story

There is nothing magical about this one. Anyone who has driven around the Motorway Network in the North West, over the last 3 years knows what a disaster it is. Putting it together with Highways Agency driving advice seemed obvious. 

Here is a link to the real story; go slow

We have written several Brexit stories ourselves, with fatigue a real issue for many. This one was about a Brexit sufferer asking for the right to die;

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