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Googlesoft reveal Britain’s most common password is ‘Runbyc*%ts!’

Googlesoft have revealed Britain’s most common, and easily  guessable password. The winner is ‘Runbyc*%ts!’ which is being used by over 69% of IT users. 

The tech guys claim that using easily recognisable passwords makes it simple for hackers to gather personal data for nefarious purposes. They would like to point out that this is their job.

Sociologist’s reckon that password’s provide an effective barometer of public opinion. As demonstrated by the increased use of politically based passwords, such as ‘B0ll0ckst0Brexit!’, ‘Mayben0t’, ‘Cluster4uck!’, ‘#FailingGrayling?’ and ‘WheresJeremy?’ 

Some work related password’s reveal an individual’s feelings about themselves and their job. For example, ‘Myb0ssisatw8t’, ‘N0tanotherfec1npassw0rd’ and ‘Makeitst0p!’.

Football supporters often bring their witty banter to password resets, with ‘ManUtdsuckballs’, ‘Uwin0withWind0wL1ckers’ and ‘Arsenal0!’ proving popular. 

Customer satisfaction can also be gauged using the passwords associated with online accounts and apps. The most common finance logins are ‘Whereismym0ney?’, ‘L33ch3s’ and ‘Mis-sold?y0umeanst0len’. 

On-line retailers report, ‘Whereisit?’, ‘IL00kedthere!’, ‘PayY0urTax!’, ‘ButIwasDrunk!’ and ‘It’llNeverFitInThere!’ are very popular choices.

Experts suggest better self-protection can be gained by using phrases a hacker wouldn’t even consider, ‘Jesusismyfr1end!’, ‘ILuvMichaelG0ve!’, ‘V0teUKIP’, and ‘TM4PM4Ever’.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, hackers can track your personal data as easily as reading a book and if they don’t Googlesoft will sell it to them, anyway. 

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