Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
Man gets concussion after fainting when wife admits her error

A man is suffering with mild concussion, having collapsed, when his wife admitted she was wrong.

Dazed, Ian Napton admitted that this startling turn of events, has left him in a state of shock. ‘This moment will go down in history. Rare as rocking horse shit. I’m struggling to process this momentous occasion.’ he said.

After quizzing her husband about his delay returning home, Gillian Napton was forced to admit he had already told her he would be working late, as he had a  very important client meeting the following day.

Showing remorse, Gillian confided, ‘I’m naturally a little curious, so occasionally I might struggle with taking things at face value. Only occasionally mind.’

She went on to add, “In the unlikely event I ever admit to being wrong again, I will make sure I do it in a clear space and on carpet, though I’m not sure why he’s being so dramatic about it all.”

As Napton recovers, he confessed his uncertainty about moving forwards. “I feel as though I am crossing a minefield, with danger at every turn.”

Feeling suspicious of his wife’s motivations, he divulged, ‘Perhaps it’s part of a tactical mind game. She must be building up to something. I think I’ll hide my golf clubs, just in case.’

Napton is expected to make a full recovery, with the help of eighteen holes of golf and a couple of beers with his mates.


By Lady Tamsyn Marie

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