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Wanksy’s latest piece of graffito sells for £1.3 million

Once more the world asks the question; What is art?

As the celebrated graffiti artist Wanksy sees his latest piece sold to a private buyer for a sum that would allow most people to retire in comfort.

Famed as a cause celebre, touted as free-thinking inspirational spirit who offers commentary on major social issues such as poverty, war, injustice, intolerance and hatred, his work has divided critics for two decades. Some claim he is just a vandal, others a genius.

There’s no doubt that having your property adorned with an original Wanksy dramatically increases the property value. This has led to many appeals by the hipperati for him to come and paint something rude on the side of their houses. Who can forget his dramatic rendering of an ejaculating penis driving a Range Rover, on the side of a house in Islington?

His latest work, in the National Twattery Gallery, depicts a faint image of a male torso adorned with a crudely drawn, red penis.

Ian Napton, considered a friend of the artist “This piece is meant to convey something meaningful to the viewer, about something that may or may not seem important or relevant.”

When asked, what the artist; noted for satirical, provocative and thoughtful commentary of popular social and cultural mores, meant by drawing a rampant phallus, Ian explained “You’re reading too much into it, he just likes drawing pics of dicks, that’s why his nickname is Wanksy. It’s not the subtlest of messages, I’ll grant you.”

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