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Harry and Meg’s kitchen makeover comes in at £2.4 million

Harry and Meg’s kitchen makeover comes in at £2.4 million after Chris Grayling oversees the installation

Royal sycophants at the BBC and Daily Mail were left trying to justify why the Golden Couple can spend £2.4 million of tax-payers money on the renovation of their private residence, Frogmore Cottage.

However, their problems were solved after it emerged that the kitchen makeover project was given to Chris Grayling to handle.

Apparently, Chris met a man in a pub whose brother, Charlie, ran a kitchen fitting company. He reckoned that he would be able to get it done on the cheap. It was chushtie.

It was a simple plan: some new doors and draw liners, a new counter-top, a low-level washer drier, a new dishwasher, a split-level oven and one of those big American fridges. Chris’s mate reckoned two weeks ‘top’s’.

They planned the work in line with the Royal couple’s latest holiday. Charlie promised the work would be done by the time they came back.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. Scheduling issues, cost over runs, paying £500,000 to the mate Chris originally promised the job too but forget about, soon caused the project to spiral out of control.

Ian Napton, a spokesman for The Audit Commission said “I know it looks a bit iffy but you have to remember this is Chris Grayling we are talking about. It could so easily have cost the tax-payer twice that. In relation to his previous cock-ups he’s done quite well.”