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Corbyn released as no evidence he’s trying to bring down government

Jeremy Corbyn was arrested under The Terrorism Act. He has since been released as there is insufficient evidence that he is trying to bring down the Government.

After having been outed by The Daily Mail as a terrorist many years ago, Jeremy Corbyn has been on the official watchlist as a ‘significant’ threat to an effective Tory Government. However, the risks may have been exaggerated.

The Terrorism Act identifies as a threat anyone who is engaged in ‘such practices that undermine or cause the downfall of an elected Government.’

After a thorough investigation, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that they were unable to find any evidence to show Mr Corbyn was ‘engaged in any practice or activity that was intended, or likely, to bring down the current Government.

Chief Inspector Ian Napton issued the following statement “Officers concluded that Mr Corbyn’s actions were consistent with an individual ensuring that this Tory Government stayed in power for as long as possible. We can see no other explanation to account for recent events. Obviously, that makes it impossible for the Police to bring any charges. It’s a PR disaster, the National Press are going to crucify us. ”

Eventually Mr Corbyn issued a communique “I just want to say that I am committed to bringing down this corrupt and incompetent Government, in order that I can replace it with one of my own.”

Meanwhile, Brexit continues