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Johnsons Out for Xmas

British Prime-minister Boris Johnson has threatens to bare all if the UK does not agree to a general election on Christmas Day 2019.

Boris will expose his Johnson should the UK block any attempt to push for a Christmas election. It is said he wants to do this to show he’s hard about a soft Brexit, and does not care about who he offends.

His ‘article 50’ as opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has coined it, will be out for all to see on next week’s Prime-ministers questions. This is expected to ‘raise’ a number of questions within the ‘chamber’ and is expected to see a number of conservative MPs eager to grab the whip.

Speaker of the House, John Bercow is expected to dismiss the idea as Boris has already submitted a deal similar to this previously. On this report Mr Bercow has said that he expected ‘Boris’ display to be extensive, and longer than his usual antics.’ Yet many opposition MPs have dismissed the idea as ‘just another publicity stunt to show he has the complete package to lead the country.’

The Christmas Day election is expected to be announced and pushing through commons later in October. This will aid Boris’ extension allowing him to work at it hard over the course of the commons debate. This story is expected to reach a climax later in the month.

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