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Phillip Schofield has come out live on national television

“I just wasn’t being honest with myself, my family and friends, or the public. I’ve known about this for some time now. It’s time to admit to everyone that although I’ve been on television for 27 years, I’ve contributed nothing of any significant cultural value.

Working all those years with Gordon The Gopher, Fern and then Holly, presenting awards shows, receiving awards and then finally cashing in by doing adverts for, it’s achieved nothing. 

Attenborough’s changing the climate, Palin took us around the world. Even someone like Gary Lineker can say he explains VAR. But I can point to nothing. It’s time to be honest with people, admit it’s all been a waste of time and accept a payrise or do some more adverts.”

How does this work?

Schofield says his family, colleagues and the public have been very supportive. “Steph and the girls have been amazing. I think they’ve known all along that my career was a sham, and I know they’ll help me rebuild my life. I’m still on ITV, I’m not ready for a new contract with another channel yet.”

Questions were immediately asked as to the value of Holly Willoughby’s career in broadcasting. A spokesman for ITV said, “Holly continues to have our full support in her career as a presenter, shampoo advertiser and all-round nice person.”

It’s Head and Shoulders above the rest! says Holly

Meanwhile, the public continues to tune in and enter competitions during the commercial breaks.

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