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Brits promise to punish Putin by not buying a Lada

As sanctions begin to bite, British classic car enthusiasts are the latest group to stick it directly to the Lada loving, Mad Vlad Putin.

Following Russian special military operations in Ukraine and retaliatory special economic operations from most of the Western world, anorak wearers from Britain’s sizeable old car community have pledged not to buy old Lada cars.

That’ll hurt him It’s a sacrifice on our part, but Putin has to learn. We won’t be buying old Ladas until Russia behaves itself. Neither will we be buying spare parts from Russia, which is a shame, because my ’82 Riva’s exhaust is a bit rattly these days and could do with attention.

Ian Napton, Lada Club President

With literally dozens of old Russian car enthusiasts insisting they would buy Ukrainian built Bogdans instead, the message to Putin is loud and clear. Don’t mess with people who eat sandwiches out of clingfilm in pub car parks. Despite their resemblance to middle aged men who still live with their mothers, this group wield some financial power and Mr Putin will be made to see his economy suffer further as spare exhaust parts and other sundry Lada spares sit unsold in Russian warehouses.

Pressed on why an Austin Maxi wasn’t a better alternative anyway, Napton explained

I used to have one, actually, but I sold it in protest over Brexit. I part-exchanged it on the Lada and haven’t looked back.

Ian Napton, sock and sandal wearer

The power of the consumer cannot be overlooked. With some refusing to buy Russian vodka and Sainsbury’s insisting on rebranding their chicken and garlic ready meals as “Chicken Kyiv,” Putin’s time is surely limited and peace can be restored. Meanwhile, members of the Lada Club are to vote on donating their old cars to families from Ukraine whose need for wheels is pressing.

We have to do something for them. Our government has done bugger all.

Ian Napton, sympathetic car owner and voice of a nation