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Easyjet have announced ambitious new plans to teach their customers to count to one

Inspired by the success of previous passenger training initiatives such as; Overcoming Your Fear of Flying, How to Behave on a Plane and Jesus Christ You’re Not an Animal, Easyjet have launched their ‘Let’s Count Together’ course.In an attempt to further shorten turnaround times, the chaps at Easyjet have noticed that many customers try to board the aircraft, with more than one bag.

This is in spite of clear notices on the booking website, the app, on boarding cards and liberally plastered around the airport in large friendly letters. Apparently, some customers think a small bag it doesn’t count.

The new course will focus on basic numeracy skills, starting with the number One. The course defines it as ‘one unit of anything of which there is only one of’. For example, Her Majesty The Queen. After the coffee break and a short lie down, the course will focus on numbers greater than One, for example Theresa May’s Brexit strategies.

The course will highlight that One Bag is allowable in the aircraft BUT more than one bag is not the reason being, it’s a number of bags totalling more than One.

Terry, from Chelmsford, said “The course was invaluable. My missus, Sharon turned up with two bags, but we did the course and now she understands why she can only take one bag on the plane. Meanwhile I get to carry her fake Burberry handbag to Alicante.”

Irish Airline, Crying Air said, “To be fair we looked at this but we thought we’d still make more money charging customers to put their handbags in the hold.”

Remember, when travelling via Easyjet only One bag is allowed on the plane.

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