Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

The Met Office has welcomed its favourite time of the year when temperatures plummet, the television weather forecasts are overlaid on some nice photos of sharp blue skies and the viewers pay attention for once at the first mention of snow in the hope of not being able to go to work.

ITV spokesman, Ian Napton, said, “Normally we know that male viewers tune in just to watch forecaster “Lean Back” Lucy Verasamy as she’s hotter than July, and if you ask any of them what Lucy’s actual forecast was, most will reply that they didn’t see a weather forecast. But now it’s snow time. Viewers are actually interested in the weather and our forecasters get to make behind-the-scenes bets with each other about saying ‘yellow snow warnings’ and seeing who can keep the best straight face.”

A spokesdog for the Dogs Trust, Rex, a Labradoodle, said, “Look, we’re fed up with this. We have to go and you deliberately make us go outside in all weathers. We can’t help it if your snow goes yellow.”

A spokesman for Lucy Verasamy said, “Lucy is open to offers of pay rises, appearances on panel shows and will say ‘yellow snow warning’ for a negotiable fee, even in the warmer months.”


By Colin

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