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White Hart Lane tube station to be renamed ‘Constant Disappointment’

As the White Hart Lane stadium redevelopment nears completion, plans to rename the nearest underground station get underway.

Football fans have been invited to choose the new name for White Hart Lane Tube Station. However, the authorities have clearly learned nothing from the  ‘Boaty McBoatface’ incident.

Understandably, supporters from other clubs were quick to get in on the game, suggesting: Arsenal B, The Bottle Bank, Chokers Park, Fourth Place, Fifth Place, The Gazza Strip, White Flag Lane, The Field of Broken Dreams, The City Dump, The Toilet Seat, Condom Road, Dog Shit Alley, The Tubes and Spursy McSpursface.

Tottenham’s Marketing Department collated a short list of ‘appropriate’ fan suggestions. Any suggestions from Arsenal supporters were immediately removed.

Ian Napton, a Tottenham Hotspur spokesman explained; “Our focus group told us they wanted the name to reflect ‘the experience’ of supporting Tottenham. So, after much discussion, we settled on ‘Constant Disappointment’. By a happy coincidence, this evokes what it feels like to live in this area of North London.”

Claiming they were not bothered by the change, locals said; “Is that all they have to think about? They can call it Shitty McShithole for all I care. My bins still haven’t been emptied this week and the parking around here is a nightmare.”

Summing up, one council member said, “I could say this was good for the area but that’s just bollocks, it was just about annoying Arsenal fans by getting in their first. We know they were planning to rename their tube station, ‘Bitter Disappointment’.”

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